(A rant from Graham O.)

After waking up at 5:30 and taking a shower as quickly as I could, I rushed to my carpool so we could make it to school on time. Cold and exhausted, I was relieved when we reached OES at 7:10. I had plenty of time to practice for my presentation in history. Little did I know I’d have a lot more time than I thought. As I plopped down on the Freshman couch, Jordan Elliot came out of his office and informed me that school had been canceled.


I called my mom to pick me up, which wouldn’t be a problem, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I LIVE IN CANBY, WHICH IS ONE @#$%@&! HOUR FROM OES. So, while I wait for my mommy to come save the day, I’m going to write down my experience.

I tried to get into the dorms so I could hang out with my friends, but only the dorm parents were awake, and when they asked me what I wanted, I just said “Never mind” and walked all the way back to my little freshman couch.

I was hungry, so I went into the cafeteria and set up a nice little table for myself, before being informed that the cafeteria would not be serving food until later. Again, I walked miserably to my little freshman couch.

I realized that I wouldn’t get an activity credit if I didn’t write an article. I considered finishing my article on Science Research Projects, until I realized how dreadfully boring it would be to write about Science Research Projects.


I am now in the dorms with my friend who shall not be named. He is playing pool by himself and thinks I’m paying attention to him, when I’m actually writing this article. He took me to get breakfast, which I was very happy to eat. He has now invited me to go work out in the gym with him. I’m really bored, so I think I’ll end this article here. This was my time trapped at OES.

Moral of the story: Never go to school on time; you never know what could happen

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