RUOESAI (The Rather Unfortunate OES Acronym Inconvenience)

by Thomas Pinkava

For those of us in the know, that is to say students and faculty, navigating the landscape of OES is a breeze. Sign forms, climb stairs, attend activities. We slide through the hallways with ease. Our concise communication is fluid and functional.

Unfortunately, we’ve left a bit of a thornbush in our wake; a bevy of bafflement awaits the uninitiated.

For example, were an outsider to hear a student in MST complaining to another about how their LJP conflicts with their SRP ISEF form-writing, only to have the other student state that their PDM teacher wasn’t giving them enough time to get down to SPARC for PE, the outsider would have absolutely no idea whatsoever what was being discussed. What on earth does this mean? they would think. Are they talking about school? Is LJP a class or a vegetable? What on earth is PDM?

OES, whose very name is not immediately decipherable, has always prided itself on wider-community inclusiveness. Of course, it’s hard to feel included when one is left standing in the lobby with the cryptic instructions to ‘attend a PAL meeting in the DVR’. The immediate solution to the issue is to ask an individual privy to the complexities. This takes time, and when one is rushed to attend a PAL meeting in the DVR, time is of the essence. What occurs if a student or faculty member isn’t even around to be asked? Must one simply sit there, devoid of enlightenment, as the meeting ticks away?

This cannot continue. We must call things by what they are, not what they can be contracted to. We must make it easier to include the unenlightened – thereby sticking to our manifesto.

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