Thanksgiving Break Preview

Petie W.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Break! Unlike most people I will not be traveling anywhere. A whole week at home for me and my family will include a few things.

1) Especially because I don’t have a lot of relatives coming this year, there will be a scary amount of free time. Which for my mom means an expectation for my brother, my dog Molly, and I to take daily hikes averaging about 472.7 miles each. Now my dog will be thrilled about this, of course, but my brother Liam and I won’t necessarily feel the same. We prefer going to the gym, and going in the hot tub for hours on end, and if we’re feeling crazy playing some basketball with the hoop in the pool. This intense exercise regimen will allow us the luxury of eating whatever and as much as we want on Thanksgiving.

2) Thanksgiving day will most likely consist of my mom cooking all the food, and giving my brother and I orders in Spanish to do chores for her.

3) Finally we will devour an equal amount of food as a large, muscular lion.

4) After that my mom will probably want to go for a walk in the neighborhood, which we will do and then finish the day with some of the show Friday Night Lights and some candy from the Plaid Pantry up the street.

5)I will probably hit an extreme low on energy levels and fall asleep before my curfew of 6:00 PM.

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