Upcoming Nog

by Thomas Pinkava

As the holiday season checks in, one may think it’s time to check out and allow the holiday spirit to bear one along. The teachers have a different idea: the order of the day being more and more schoolwork until finals. It’s enough to break even the strongest of souls.

Fortunately for us, eggnog is here to drown our sorrows. It may seem like Nogfest is a long way away, but those haikus need perfecting, that eggnog needs buying, and if one couldn’t actually bake a nog based dish overnight I’d say one can’t bake a nog based dish overnight.

This Nogfest is not going to create itself; it needs a steady stream of nog from many loyal contributors. So why not sit down, grab a pen or keyboard, and tap out a haiku or seven while you drool with anticipation? Freshpeople – Try it now, and never need another holiday tradition again! Returning Nog Consumers – Enjoy! People Who Said ‘Oh, I’ll go next year’ – Go now!

So get your thinkinggnog caps on, and dream up a treat for the ears, a treat for the mouth, and a treat for the waistline in this year’s greatest of events.

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