North Korea Threatens Nuclear Tests

Noah Solomon

In light of the recent report published by the United nations, North Korea and its esteemed leader Kim Jong-un have been charged with numerous crimes against humanity. The report states the seriousness of its crimes has “No parallel in the contemporary world”. Based primarily on satellite evidence and testimonies of numerous defectors, it has led the UN to threaten a probe into human rights violations. North Korea has responded to the potential probe by threatening to reopen its nuclear testing program which supposedly closed in 2013, stating that this “grave political provocation” left them with no choice but to reopen their program.

The dictatorship’s ridiculous claims do little to improve the country’s childish and stubborn outlook on foreign affairs. In order to counter negativity of the United Nations report, officials at Pyongyang released their own report stating that North Korea leads to the world in human rights and that the United States perpetrates the world’s worst human rights violations. It is yet to be determined whether the probe will go through or not but we can only hope the ethically unacceptable behavior occurring in the country and its leaders infantile responses to the international spotlight result in positive changes in the conditions of those living in North Korea and that all involved keep their heads attached before overreacting.

If you are interested in learning more about the North Korean living situation the UN report ( and Barbara Demick’s “Nothing to Envy” are both interesting reads.