The Ultimate Christmas Music Rankings

by Abe Asher

Christmas music is a part of the furniture of the holiday season. If you’re gearing up to be anti-Christmas music, don’t be. If you already are anti-Christmas music, it’s time to examine why and what that says about you.

In the Asher household, there’s a full-fledged competition around Christmas music that takes place on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of the month. Each song amasses points based on how many times it’s played on the radio multiplied by the average of 1-10 ratings assigned to each song by each member of the family.

It’s like March Madness, but more intense. There have been rule controversies. Each song has carved out its own reputation. We’ve seen preseason favorites fall from grace (hello, Last Christmas in 2013!), and seen fledgling underdogs make thrilling runs to the championship (Carol of the Bells, 2011!).

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The Giving Tree

by. Jack S.

The holiday season is a great time of year and an even better time of year to give back to the community. For the past seventeen years, OESians have taken tags and donated gifts to the Giving Tree. All the gifts go to nineteen families in the Widford Middle School (about 103 individuals) and the families appreciate it a ton. The long process is run by SLAC and Robin, Myra, and Gisela. One particular student who does a ton of work for the Giving Tree is Elizabeth K. ‘15.

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Winter Break Preview

by Petie W, Aardvark Dig Break Preview Corespondent

As we get closer to Finals and the Winter Holiday Break, it’s a busy time for a lot of OES students. I know my family will be having another wild break, similar to my Thanksgiving Break.

Normally my family and I would travel to the East Coast, but this year we are staying in Portland. I will miss seeing my extended family, and was expecting an eventful break after about fifteen members of my extended family coming here to Oregon last year.

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