The Giving Tree

by. Jack S.

The holiday season is a great time of year and an even better time of year to give back to the community. For the past seventeen years, OESians have taken tags and donated gifts to the Giving Tree. All the gifts go to nineteen families in the Widford Middle School (about 103 individuals) and the families appreciate it a ton. The long process is run by SLAC and Robin, Myra, and Gisela. One particular student who does a ton of work for the Giving Tree is Elizabeth K. β€˜15.

β€œIt is a good thing to get involved with. It is a meaningful thing and a special time of the year to help each other,” Elizabeth says.

The speech by the Whitford Middle School counselor really touched the heart of the Upper School and the tags moved off the tree fast. The story gave a different perspective about giving to families in need and the Upper School students rallied behind that idea. Then in chapel, Corbet Clark gave away the remaining six tags and now all families are getting gifts.

SLAC would like to thank everybody for taking the tags and giving to families in need.

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