Winter Break Preview

by Petie W, Aardvark Dig Break Preview Corespondent

As we get closer to Finals and the Winter Holiday Break, it’s a busy time for a lot of OES students. I know my family will be having another wild break, similar to my Thanksgiving Break.

Normally my family and I would travel to the East Coast, but this year we are staying in Portland. I will miss seeing my extended family, and was expecting an eventful break after about fifteen members of my extended family coming here to Oregon last year.

That break involved watching my oldest brother who is now in college, Zach Wogan’s basketball tournament, a process included us taking up almost all the seating in gymnasium and my uncle yelling at the referee about the calls he made throughout the tournament.

This break will not play out exactly like that, but will still be an awesome time with my family from the other side coming up from California this year.

Christmas day will come, and it will be a great time. Christmas is my favorite holiday, as it is for many others. The day after Christmas my young female cousins will come, who seem to never want to sleep and always want to have tea parties and play the wii.

We will most likely take a trip to the ice skating rink, which I look forward to. I happen to be a bit of a ice skating fanatic, even though I only go a couple of times a year and it takes me about 112 laps to stop hanging on to the walls.

Once I get off it is a sight to see, I pride myself on being one of the ones who go to the middle of the rink and doing spins and jumps that shows everyone my true ice skating talent. Thats what my break is looking like. Stay tuned for a Spring Break Preview!

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