That New Tree Smell

by Karina H.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.56.11 AM

This year, there were basically no trees on the farm.

Every year, my family walks in the mud, finds a tree, tags it, has it cut down, then gets it delivered to our house later that day. We also get donuts. Hot, cinnamon covered, donuts in a white paper bag with red letters on the front. That is our tradition.

It started Thanksgiving break, late 1990s– I remember being jostled in the car as my mom and dad tied our Christmas tree to the top rack. When finally we got home, we set it up, put on the ornaments, sang Christmas carols… haha, no. When my parents lugged the tree into our living room, sighed, stretched their arms, and my dad promptly declared, “We are not doing this next year.”

And the tradition began. One year,  I remember walking around Lee Farms and spotting a green sheep. I’m not even kidding. There was grass growing on the back of that huge, fat, fluffy, sheep. I still have a drawing from 1st grade of that sheep. I wonder if my teacher thought I was making it up…

Anyways! You must be wondering how we ever found a tree at our beloved Lee Farms if there were hardly any trees! Well, after walking around for a while as my dad tried to find service to check the Ducks vs. Beavers game, Evan (my sophomore brother) and I found a one on the side of a hill. My dad and mom thought it was way too big, but we insisted it would fit in our house. It didn’t. When the tree-delivery man came, we had to cut-off about a foot. I think it turned out nice-looking though:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.57.04 AM

My favorite part of the tree is actually that red velvet thing that goes underneath. The fresh-cut tree smell is also quite nice.

Happy Holidays!

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