Where OES Is Watching The Super Bowl

by Abe Asher

This Sunday will mark the sixth straight year I have attended the same Super Bowl party.

Some moments have stood out more than others, like when I screamed at Renne Flemming to “HURRY IT UP ALREADY!” four seconds into last year’s national anthem so I could win my “Will The Singing Of The National Anthem Take Over Or Under Two Minutes And One Second” prop bet.

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Freshman Actor Profiles

By Elie D.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.03.15 PMSara Barkouli

Sara Barkouli, also known as Broccoli, started off her OES Upper School acting career with a bang when she auditioned for the fall play, The Curious Savage. Landing a role as the ever grumpy old Mrs. Paddy who only ever speaks in extensive lists of things she hates, Sara blew everyone away. As a youngster, Sara would read often, and then act out the things she was reading. In 7th grade, she took an acting class  and by the next year was participating in the 8th grade musical (High School Musical Two). After her debut in The Curious Savage, Sara was ready for some more experience. She heard the One-Acts were fun and decided she really needed more official productions under her belt. Her favorite play is probably A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but she’s not entirely sure.

Be sure to go see Absolutely, written by Sophia Anderson, to catch the latest of Sara Barkouli.

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