9th Grade History Field Trip

by Petie W. 

The whole 9th grade recently took a trip to Downtown Portland to visit and observe the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Historical Society.

As you may have guessed, it played out roughly along the lines of Night at the Museum – featuring Mike Gwaltney as Ben Stiller. I would like to think that my role on this field trip emulated Owen Wilson in the movie, but thats up to the critics.

It took me back to field trips in elementary school, although nothing too eventful or wild went on. That’s not to say it was not interesting and exciting to see the exhibits and learn about them.

The purpose of the trip was to find out first hand about museums and what they do, because Mike Gwaltney was asked by the President of the Museum of the City for us History 9 students to research and create exhibits to be published on their website.

I have dabbled in published work in the past with numerous posts in the world renowned Aardvark Dig and other newspapers, websites, and news stations which are to remain nameless. Therefore I feel both ready and excited to work on this group assignment.

Parallel to Night at the Museum soon there will be another installment in this story (Night at the Museum 3 recently came out), when our exhibits get posted and I hope many of you Dig Readers check them out along with the Dig!

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