The Olympics Of Reading

by Whitney W.

Every year a few brave souls of the OES community dare to enter into a fierce battle of knowledge. These students spend their time practicing and pushing themselves to the limit training to compete in Oregon Battle of the Books. OBOB is a cutthroat challenge that tests the competitors knowledge on not just one, but TWELVE young adult novels. OES has managed to win the championship two years running, and will hopefully hold their revered title in 2015.

I decided to investigate further by asking seasoned veteran Mukund Raguram, who helped bring home the win in both 2013 and 2014, about the competition. He was kind enough to impart on me some sage advice about last years semifinals, “You can do really really well…and still fail”. Winning the championship is no easy feat, and its definitely not for the weak, so I legitimately have no idea why I signed up for this. Thankfully only the top four students from each school advance to the beginning stages of the competition which is a relief as that means I won’t be going.

So when you see your fellow classmates who partake in the perilous and adrenaline pumping challenge that is OBOB let them know that you appreciate their valiant efforts in battle.

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