DJ cOne – An Exposé

by Lewis B.

As I’m sure all of you know, the winter semiformal is coming right up. But while most of the students are busy worrying about who they are going to ask, or who is going to ask them, there is another important part of any dance- the DJ. A good DJ can make even the lamest dance awesome.

That’s why I have gone behind the scenes to get the inside scoop on one of the hottest developing Freshman DJs- DJ cOne.

DJ cOne (DJC) says that he wants to be the DJ for semi because “A lot of DJs are mainstream, and I seek to deviate from the norm. I don’t use any stereos, speakers or lights, just a cone and my iphone. I will put flashlights in the cones when I get more.” When asked how he plans to get more cones, DJC said that he is currently looking for donations, cleverly dubbed “conations”.

DJC feels that he is well suited to the OES dancer’s taste, playing what he calls “a sublime mixture of Beethoven, african tribal music, death metal, Tupac and a little Nicki Minaj.”

He says that he took the alter ego of DJC because “In the early days in physics, I despised everyone, but music helped me understand that everyone is beautiful, and that I should love everyone.” Is DJC the right DJ for winter semiformal? I’ll let you decide.

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