Humans of OES: Part 1

Jaime O’Dell, French teacher.
Jaime O’Dell, French teacher.

by Whitney W.

Whitney: “What was your favorite childhood memory?”

O’Dell: “I lived in Florida and my dad was a part of an aviation club. When we had father-daughter day, he would fly us to a little goofy restaurant. Because the landing was on a grassy strip, we would land and bump, bump, bump, bump. The first time we went, I didn’t say anything; I was just hanging on. Then we would fly back to Orlando [and land] on a smooth strip, and I said to him, ‘That was a much better landing, Daddy. That was much better.’”

Charlie B. Class of 2015 and Isabella W. Class of 2016.
Charlie B., Class of 2015 and Isabella W., Class of 2016.

What are you most passionate about?

Isabella: A big passion for me is traveling. I like going places and seeing different cultures. I like people watching because its super, uber fun.

Charlie: I guess I’m passionate about what I can do for OES right now, [and doing] what I can to try and leave my mark, and try to do as many good things as I can for this school. I want to leave my high school on a good note.

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