The Patriots’ History Of Cheating

by Jack S.

After the New England Patriots’ 45-7 win over the Colts in the AFC Championship game something else came into the spotlight. And to no surprise, it was another instance of their being accused of cheating. Like most of the time, it was proved to be true.

What the Patriots did was under-inflate their footballs, making them easier to catch and throw. But that hasn’t been their only scandal on the field in the past two decades.

Between 2002 through 2007, the Patriots illegally videotaped their opponents practices and walkthroughs, giving them an advantage of knowing their plays and calls before the game. It cost hardworking teams wins and, for the St. Louis Rams, the Superbowl.

While there hasn’t been any evidence of them videotaping that particular game, there was evidence of them taping other games that season, and the season after, and the season after that.

Some of the Rams offensive players told the media that the Patriots knew their calls during the game, on plays they haven’t run before that whole season.

But, Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, didn’t really do anything about it. He fined Coach Belichick half a million dollars, which seems like a lot, but he gets 7.5 million a year.

And that’s before bonuses and incentives. They also fined the Patriots $250,000, which is nothing for how much money they make a year, and they stripped them of one first-round draft pick. That had minimal impact. Roger Goodell never stripped them of any wins or championships.

On December 12, 1982 the Patriots were playing divisional rivals Miami Dolphins under super snowy conditions. Both teams had failed to score in the first three quarters.

But thanks to Mark Henderson, stadium snowblower and convicted burglar, he plowed a perfect spot right where the Patriot’s were about to kick the game winning field goal. Coincidence? I don’t think so. And guess what? The NFL didn’t do anything about it.

Now that we are done tearing New England up, here is what Roger Goodell needs to do about it:

The Patriots built a dynasty off all their Super Bowls and wins, but were filing the other teams plays. So they should be stripped of their championships and wins.

They also need more of their future stripped away. One draft pick? Are you kidding me? They were cheating for more than five years and they lost one pick for one year? That is a weak punishment.

Maybe four first round draft picks for four years? Or six first round draft picks for six years? Roger Goodell also could make their salary cap lower for a couple years to make it harder for them to get good players.

That’s my two cents on what the NFL should do about their current situation. And remember, Roger Goodell is under scrutiny for his actions in 2014. Hopefully he can start off 2015 right.

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