The OES-Arbor Connection

by Lewis B.

This year, six of the freshman class came from Arbor, making OES the most popular school for the Arbor class of 2014. But why is OES the top school for Arbor alumni? According to Maxwell P., the answer is “because good.”

Annika L. has a more intelligible response. She says “I chose OES because it is similar to Arbor and the people are nice.”

Mia F. says she chose OES because the student to teacher ratio is small, and the people are nice. These qualities are present at Arbor too, but I don’t think that the amount of new Arbor kids this year is due to the similarities between the two.

I think that the reason Arbor graduates come to OES is because of the differences between the two.

Arbor is very small, and OES, while still small is four times as big as Arbor, so to an Arbor graduate OES is massive.

Due to it’s size, Arbor also doesn’t have a lunch program. Mia F. says that one of the reasons she came to OES is because she had heard the food is great, and I know that is true for me as well.

The lunch program is just a very small example of what the quadrupled class sizes do for OES. Because of the large student body, there are so many more opportunities for students than at a school the size of Arbor.

Things such as school sports, which Arbor doesn’t even have, thrive at OES. The draw of OES to Arbor graduates, in my opinion, is the adventure of what feels like a big school, with the rigorous academics and tight community of a small school.

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