Freshman Actor Profiles

By Elie D.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.03.15 PMSara Barkouli

Sara Barkouli, also known as Broccoli, started off her OES Upper School acting career with a bang when she auditioned for the fall play, The Curious Savage. Landing a role as the ever grumpy old Mrs. Paddy who only ever speaks in extensive lists of things she hates, Sara blew everyone away. As a youngster, Sara would read often, and then act out the things she was reading. In 7th grade, she took an acting class  and by the next year was participating in the 8th grade musical (High School Musical Two). After her debut in The Curious Savage, Sara was ready for some more experience. She heard the One-Acts were fun and decided she really needed more official productions under her belt. Her favorite play is probably A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but she’s not entirely sure.

Be sure to go see Absolutely, written by Sophia Anderson, to catch the latest of Sara Barkouli.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.03.48 PMJames Roberts

James Roberts, younger brother of techie and (sometimes) ASM Emelyn Roberts, made his OES acting debut with the play The Curious Savage. Playing the (not so) esteemed judge Samuel Savage, James showed everyone how funny he could be onstage. James has always had a passion for acting: he started out out as a young 5th grader in a series of parodies based on Greek legends (dubbed Idiots and Oddities), and by 8th grade he was acting as Troy in the musical High School Musical 2. He chose to audition for the One Acts because he believes them to be more interesting, with better story lines than the other plays (you go, playwriting class!!). In addition, he tells me, they tend to be smaller, meaning if you do get cast then you probably will have a larger speaking part. Hopefully he does! James’ favorite play is Rent, a musical in which the themes and (of course) the music really stood out to him.

If you want to see more of James, be sure to check out Pass the Salt (written by Natalie Berger)!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.03.57 PMRory O’Hollaren

Rory O’Hollaren is a name just starting to buzz around the OES Upper School, but it is sure to pick up more airtime soon. Rory’s only show was the 8th grade musical, High School Musical 2; however, Rory has already proven her talent to us by winning not one, but two(!),” Fresh Voice” awards in the Echoes writing contest. If her acting is anything like her writing, the Upper School is in for a treat. But why did she choose to audition in the first place? She tells me she thought it would be fun and a bunch of her friends were trying out too. She honestly wasn’t expecting to be cast, but clearly she’s better than she gives herself credit for. Rory hopes to gain acting experience for the future with her part, and, of course, to have fun! When she was young, she watched the Sound of Music a lot, and when she saw the play she was completely blown away.

Ready to be blown away? Come see Rory O’Hollaren’s debut in Ain’t That A Shame, written by Roz Sullivan-Lovett!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.04.05 PMEdward Pinkava

Edward Pinkava has an impressive repertoire of past plays, including the fiddler from Fiddler On The Roof and the mysterious man from Into The Woods (now a major motion picture). As a 6th grader, he was encouraged to take an acting program; it turned out well for him. However, after auditioning for The Curious Savage, he wasn’t cast (personally, I believe that was a dumb choice as I find him an amazing actor).

Now Edward gets his revenge. He auditioned for the One Acts because he wanted acting experience at OES as well as improvement in his abilities before the spring play rolls around (rumored to be a Shakespeare). Come One Act showtime, Edward is ready to show us all what he can do. His all time favorite play is Cocoanuts by the Marx Brothers, which he finds incredibly funny, and recommends to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Want to see proof of Edward’s abilities? Come see the One Acts with Edward staring in Ain’t That A Shame (written by Roz Sullivan-Lovett)!