OES Freshman Commits To Michigan Lacrosse

by Petie W.

Jack S., class of 2018, recently committed to D1 Michigan. He was the 23rd player committed from the class of 2018, and the 4th goalie.

Jack is a goalie who used to play hockey and had a stint of basketball for the OES Middle School. Now his only focus is lacrosse, which is keeping him busy while he plays for the West Coast Starz and Rhino lacrosse.

West Coast Starz, as you might figure out from careful and thorough analyzation of the title, are allegedly the best team on the West Coast.

Jack has been playing lacrosse since before kindergarten, and has been playing specifically playing goalie since the 4th grade.

For players as skilled and as rare as Jack it is not uncommon for lacrosse players to commit as early as their Freshman year of high school for lacrosse scholarships.

Although it is a big weight off his shoulders, Jack is still planning on working hard in school. “An incentive to continue to do well in high school is the possibility of wanting to attend the business school at Michigan.”

With all this under his belt,  only being a 14 year old Freshman, now Jack will focus less on college visits, but still play a lot of lacrosse and try to progress on the OES team under Head Varsity Coach Dennis Sullivan.