Nothing, Something

by Jack L.

I am not afraid of death. In fact, I welcome it with open arms.

Unfortunately in todays day and age, if you say something like this people fear that you are suicidal, depressed, or just incredibly morbid, but for me, none of these are the case. Death is beautiful in my eyes.

Do we fear sleeping? Of course not. So why is death so feared. Death is the end, sure, but I wouldn’t want to live forever. It would make the amazing things you do in life way less meaningful. We each have a time and place on this Earth, and fortunately, one day this must come to an end.

I fantasize about the possibility of Heaven. Golden gates welcome you as a man who you mistake for god but is actually just a paid greeter welcomes you and hands you a list of the days activities which include interpretive bible writing, ice skate with Jesus, and my personal favorite, the blood of Jesus wine tasting.

There is no hate, no rape, no pain. Something feels off though, and after being in Heaven for sometime, you realize that this is it.

You realize that every person here will be here forever, and so will you. Forever is just a little too long if you ask me.

As an atheist with this new found joy for death, I am blessed enough not to do one of the two common things that most who are not so fortunate to see death in this light tend to do. Most people tend to sweep the idea of death under the rug, and forget about it until the day comes.

Or, an enjoyable life is hindered by the fear of the end. The fear of nothingness. The beauty of life is that one day it ends. It is the fortunate fate we will all undergo.

We must not run from the inevitable end, but when its time comes, smile about the life you have lived. The things you have seen, heard, tasted, smelled.

It is only reactively that I have found this diamond in the rough ideal.

One day, when I was driving in my car and snowflakes feels against my windshield, my windshield wipers flawlessly well… wiping, I realized how amazing life is. Why am I here?, I wondered, and still do. First off, the big bang had to happen to create our planet. Then, atoms and so many more things (I say “things” because I am not that scientific) had to align perfectly to create life.

Then we had to evolve in such a way that we became intelligent forms of life. Then for each of us specifically, a seemingly endless line of lineage must have happened perfectly, so that your great great grandparents had your great grandparents who made you grandparents and they your parents and then you. The chances of this are just impossible if you ask me.

But I am here, and you are here. The beauty of life, comes from every moment that you experience. Life, death, and everything in the middle are all amazing, beautiful adventures.