Inside The Aardvark Dig: The Diary Of An Editor

by Abe Asher

Last fall, the Blophish had a staff of four seniors, a product no one was reading, and little hope for the future.

So those OES legends, the likes of food critic Brian Esiner, trivia savage Spencer Slovic, editor-in-chief Janine Kritschgau and someone else who will get mad at me because I forgot they were in the activity, created the Aardvark Dig.

That began the road back to glory. Now, under my and Patrick McVee’s leadership this year, the Dig has become one of the hottest activities in the school.

I find it strange that the New York Times hasn’t extended me a job offer, but whatever, I don’t hold grudges.

What you folks might not understand is that this paper doesn’t run itself. It takes a constant effort, day after day, to put out the product you see. It’s a struggle each week to get the stories in, to get them posted, and to get people to read. Here’s a look inside a week at the Aardvark Dig.


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The Beard Is Back

by Liam W.

Folks, I know what is on all of your minds. This is the most controversial topic since Lance Armstrong drove a motorcycle in the Tour de France, or whatever he did that was wrong, I must admit cycling is not a sport that I follow much of.

Anyways, I am here to write about the controversial issue on everyone’s minds at the moment, which is the huge, filthy, “I belong in 1967” beards that several notable students have been donning, including me, Bradley C., and even our student body president, Daniel S.

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What Went Wrong: How We Broke The Vending Machine

by Bradley C.

For the last thousand or so years, men and women have fought, lives have been lost, and marriages have been made over how much Petie and I LOVE the extra crisp Kit Kat. I repeat. Petie and I…. LOVE the extra crisp.

Though Petie might love to claim that the extra crisp is his thing, I have spent decades raising Kit Kats on my own – knowing that it didn’t have a real role model at home Of course, after the Kit Kats grew up to the extra crisp that we now know and love today, Petie came back around, claiming that the extra crisp was his, but we’ve made it work.

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Inside My Science Fair Victory

by Abe Asher

Science Fair award night hasn’t always been circled on my calendar.

Until this year, my three favorite science fair moments had been:

1. Getting destroyed by Bill Lamb freshman year.

2. Getting destroyed by Bill Lamb sophomore year.

3. Skipping part of the evening fair last year to watch the US-Canada Olympic hockey game.

My favorite thing to do during the awards ceremony is find a celebrity look-alike in the crowd of parents, journalists, and Intel executives. This year, I could have sworn I was sitting three chairs away from JK Simmons, who has been called a poor man’s Hugo Ramirez-Pineda.

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An OES Arts Success

by Jack S.

As for all know, the annual Oregon College Arts and Crafts exhibition happened and many OESian’s won and got their work published. But, their was only one freshman winner in the whole contest. Drum roll….Alden F. ‘18! To the right, is a picture of Alden’s hard work that he put in during his class, Art Trek. Here is what he said about all his hard work, “It’s a great opportunity to express creativity.”

He took full advantage of the opportunity that was available.

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Behind The Scenes of the Winter One-Acts

by Isabella W.

This Sunday marked the beginning of the dreaded tech week.  Under the wing of dictator director, Natalie B., the cast of Pass The Salt has been (occasionally) hard at work.

Rehearsals started out with Natalie locking us to our chairs and instructing us to do everything she said or else.  Just kidding.  The beginnings of rehearsals were full of deep character work, like doing yoga and speaking in awful accents and taking naps.

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