Bunny Hugs?

by Elie D.

Midwinter Madness has always featured the Gorilla Gram: a large, furry, gorilla suited member of the Upper School dances to a song chosen by the sender and delivers a crush soda to the lucky subject.

This year we have a new addition to the array of embarrassing ways to receive a soda–Bunny Hugs. A mysterious someone dressed as a white rabbit (as per our theme Alice in Wonderland) dances in and hands out crushes with hugs.

Bunny’s stunning debut happened during our Thursday morning kickoff assembly.

Peter Langley sprints into the gym carrying binoculars and shouting that he has seen the rabbit. In runs Bunny, slipping and sliding to overwhelming cheers from the bleachers. He spins and waves and loses his head. Literally. His very first entrance and the mask falls off to reveal a madly grinning Jonathan D.

“Being the bunny is transcendent. Once you put on that costume, everything fades away and it’s all about the acting and dancing” -Jonathan ‘16

But what does the rest of the school think of this new way to embarrass your friends? Should Bunny return next year or not?

“Bunny hugs are a devaluation of the traditional Gorilla Gram” -Anonymous ‘16

“I think they cost too much” -Sarah ‘16 (one of the many…)

“What the heck are bunny hugs?” -Hugo ‘15

“I think they’re kind of adorable and fit in with our theme. They are kinda cute, but I don’t know if they will be continued. Doesn’t actually matter though because I won’t be there” -Sophia ‘15

“Oh! Oh those things! Yeah bunny hugs! The bunny head needs a strap or something so it doesn’t fall off” -Hugo ‘15

“Yes!” -Sophia ‘15

“I think it’s a lot better than just having a person deliver it. It makes it a little more special” -Ronan ‘18

“Bunny hugs are new and interesting.” -Shiva ‘17

“It’s weird. It is a stranger in a bunny costume dancing to bad music while giving you drinkable sugar. to some, I guess that’s ‘entertaining,’ but to others, it’s disturbing and terrifying.” -Anonymous ‘18

“I think it’s pretty cool! It contains the tradition and also the connection with the Alice in Wonderland theme this year.” -Howard ‘17

What do you think? Answer the poll or sound off in the comments below!

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