My PowderTuff Volleyball Experience

by Liam W.

Saturday night was a magical one.

Powdertuff volleyball has become a major source of my happiness, success, and passion in life.

For the past three years, I have watched quietly as balls landed on my side of the court, in bounds and un-hittable. My teammates considered kicking me out of the squad this year because of my lack of ability with a volleyball in my hands, however, I forced my way back onto the team through a lot of insulting and patronizing of my fellow volleyball players.

And boy, were they disappointed they kept me. Scouts ask me, “Liam, when do you think the olympics are in your horizon?”, I tell them to let me finish out high school first and then we’ll see.

Yeah, many of you may know the story, so I’ll keep it brief.

On Saturday night, the stars aligned and my team took the trophy, going undefeated through the tournament.

Then, even more surprisingly, I won the most valuable player award and obtained the ‘07 Ford Hot Wheels Mustang, which I was really excited about, especially because of the code on the back of the car that allows you to go online and race against your friends on

Unfortunately, roughly 0% of my friends have accounts, so my only options were to race against 5-year old kids and a couple strange old men who couldn’t let go of their childhoods.

The website was a bust — I’ll be the first to admit it.

Anyways, taking the volleyball tournament was the single greatest accomplishment in my life and I feel blessed to be where I’m at. My teammates carried us through those victories and my life feels fulfilled.

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