National Signing Day

by Jack S.

For many that may know, yesterday was the inaugural National Signing Day for college football. As the top recruits narrow the choices down to their top 3 or 5 through ESPN 300, Rivals 247 or Twitter, most of them announce their school of choice on National Signing Day.

They each hold their own press conference at their high school or any place they choose and they have five or so hats on the table, each hat with a college logo. They then put the hat on their head with the college they want to go to, and then ESPN and their Twitter feed will blow up.

From an outside perspective, it seems super crazy. Following athletes throughout their high school career, interviewing them constantly to hear about their decision, and fans tweeting at them to come to their school. It’s crazy that one decision could get high schoolers death threats.

When Thomas Tyner decommitted from Oregon, he received countless death threats and had to change cell phone numbers twice in one week. But, those death threats were washed away when he decided to come back to Oregon.

Last year, George Brown Jr., committed to Florida by pulling out a baby alligator and putting the University of Florida hat on his head.

Watch it here:

About the same time Brown committed, Jamal Adams committed by saying, “He was going to play at the University of LSU.” That is the University of Louisiana State University. Are you kidding me? At least say the school name right.

In terms of basketball, Carlton Bragg, announced that he was going to Kentucky then put his hands on his face realizing he messed up and continued to say he was actually going to go to Kansas.

Watch it here:

At the end of the day, it has become such a crazy process and players have so much pressure in order to find the right school, maybe we should give them a break and let them make their decision without any distractions.

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