Simon’s Best Movies Of The Decade (So far)

by Simon M.

  1. Inception. This movie was trippy from start to finish. Granted, I was 10 when it came out, but I found it to be such a great movie. It only took me about 4 times rewatching the film and countless hours of researching to figure out the ending but 2 years later I finally got it. 8/10

  1. Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is a childhood classic that is still kind of funny to watch even now. We all love Ellen and her role and the forgetful but loving and caring fish Dory. I think we can all relate to Nemo as having a rebellious character and not wanting to listen to his parents’ advice. In the end we learn from experience and that our parents were right and I think the movie had good morals while maintaining a funny aspect to it. 8/10
  1. The Hangover Trilogy. Zach Galifianakis is the funny, lovable, but stupid character that constantly gets the crew into trouble and causes more problems than a normal person. Ken Jeong plays the funniest asian in every movie I have ever seen. He is always crazy and pulls the craziest stunts I’ve ever seen. 8/10
  1. The LOTR Trilogy. These movies were some of the greatest  works of art in film history. This is without a doubt Peter Jackson’s best work in film and has made nearly $3 billion in box office sales and has made many J.R.R.Tolkien fanboys happy. Return of the King also holds the record with most on screen deaths at 836 which is a grotesque record to hold. The set and the way the movie was produced is surreal. 8.5/10
  1. The Interview/This is The End.  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. These movies were hilarious from start to finish. I love Seth Rogen and his ability to direct and write as well as act in the same movie while still managing to be uproarious. Also, The Interview caused international uproar which is unusual for a movie to do and I give credit to Sony and their marketing ability. 8.5/10
  1. Interstellar. I remember seeing this movie with my roommate and we kept getting interrupted by Zaky Fidito while he was on a date and didn’t know what to do when the movie ended. 8.5/10
  1. The Avengers. The Avengers was an epic movie from start to finish. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man was crazy and a character we all loved. Samuel L. Jackson, as usual, terrified the audience. Although Captain America is the weakest and most annoying Avenger, I will say Chris Evans did a superb job portraying a useless character. 8.7/10
  1. The Dark Knight Rises. We have all experienced Kerr’s Bane impression, which he thinks it is the best — although I think Brad C. has a much better impression. Christian Bale surprises no one with yet another tremendous performance as a conflicted Dark Knight. 9/10
  1. The Wolf of Wall Street. Although this might not be a family movie, the fact that it was based off of a true story and so well executed gives it the #2 spot on the list. The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio did not win an Oscar for his role as Jordan Belfort is sickening. He definitely deserved it because his acting was phenomenal. Not to mention Jonah Hill’s role as his trusty sidekick who we learn to love even though his character is a bit crazy. 9.5/10
  1. The Dark Knight. Although I hate DC comics, I have to say The Dark Knight was fantastic from start to finish. Heath Ledger did a wonderful job playing the Joker. All the characters took their roles so seriously and it came to be the greatest movie of the millennium because of the actors and crews dedication. Christian Bale made the movie 10x better playing  Batman and is without a doubt the greatest Batman of all time. 10/10

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