The Lunchroom

by Petie W.

Lunch is a hectic and exciting time of the day.

Freshman like myself who have to worry about senior football players (constantly wearing letterman jackets) taking our lunch money. Especially quarterback Bradley C., known school-wide for stuffing freshman in lockers and being named Prom King.

Unlike most lunch articles, I will not be venting about the quality of the food, lines, or the dessert. Simply a description of what my lunch normally consists of.

Normally it would start by spotting the aforementioned Brad C., and spending an unreasonable amount of time intently discussing our love for the extra crisp Kit Kats.

Philosophers, archaeologists, and astronomists have been trying to fathom and understand our enjoyment for the extra crisp without success for years.

Then I sit down at a table consisting of stars, Aidan W. and myself. Other freshman who inhabit the table will remain nameless, but I often don’t sit long and eventually make my way to the vending machines (also knows as “the hangout spot”, or “the yard”).

Basically my lunch is primarily formed by Extra Crisp Kit Kat’s and my love for them. I will continue to head down this vending machine path in life, and see which career path it will lead me to — most likely a promising one.

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