Petie W. On Liam W.’s Trip to the Dentist

by Petie W.

This Wednesday my brother Liam W. got his wisdom teeth taken out. He missed the entire day of school. Even though he got the teeth taken out in the morning, he was sore for the next couple days and on some pharmaceutical drugs.

During the school day on Wednesday the effects of the drugs were not especially evident. Throughout the day he had managed to text me a few movie quotes, but movie quoting is something we do on a consistent, daily, and most likely unhealthy schedule.

He did send me a cryptic message including the line:

“This goatee doctor needs to take that stupid blue shirt off.”

Liam also apparently attempted to hum the Beatles as he left the doctor’s, and took some videos of himself right after he got out in the car. Some of the stuff he was saying was gibberish, and he was for some reason reenacting a commercial starting with, “Take care of your engine, and it’ll go far. One way I take care of my engine…”

He continued to act odd and even delusional at times, like when he saw me outside through a window and though I was a plant. Slowly Liam started to act normal again, but his mouth continued to hurt for the next few days. If you are getting your wisdom teeth taken out soon, I wouldn’t expect it to play out exactly like this, but it’ll be something along these lines.

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