Non-Judged And Proud

by Petie W.

The decision to have a non-judged science project was an easy one for me. It definitely takes pressure off and having to worry about what would have most likely been countless awards and job offers.

I found from talking to the other people in the non-judged science projects that a lot of them didn’t get judged because something specific did not work with their project or they’re data simply wasn’t good.

A lot of the faculty asked me the question why I was non-judged. Which is a fair question, but they did not seem satisfied when I would respond that I had a lot of 0’s in my data and just didn’t think being judged would be worth it.

Having said that, I still share the common belief that any data is good data and that a project can still be well done even if the data you get is inconclusive. Sometimes you can do everything right, but there will be no trend. I think it is doubtful, or at least the people who are non-judged, think it is doubtful that an award will be won with “bad” data.

“At first I wasn’t enjoying it, but then when I saw Annika L. was non-judged too my mood changed, and everything changed.”

This quote from Zack M., shows that for some people its about the human connections and the awards aren’t the priority.

Despite numerous claims by newspapers, reporters, and many scientists, I am no science expert, this is just the opinion of an average guy who has a mortgage and has to put food on the table (slightly true if you consider “Club Penguin” to be reality). We are non-judged and proud.

One thought on “Non-Judged And Proud

  1. I’m with you Petie: inconclusive data is simply that. Inconclusive. You don’t have to uncover a correlation to be doing “good science”. That really misses the point. Having awards, and the competition element, does tend to skew some of the emphasis, and its reasonable to have a debate about the value of awards, etc. At the same time, having a system in place that does create an avenue for exceptional work by young scientists to be recognized on a national stage is pretty cool… I wish we could somehow have it both ways. Either way, I hope you had a good experience with your project!

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