An OES Arts Success

by Jack S.

As for all know, the annual Oregon College Arts and Crafts exhibition happened and many OESian’s won and got their work published. But, their was only one freshman winner in the whole contest. Drum roll….Alden F. ‘18! To the right, is a picture of Alden’s hard work that he put in during his class, Art Trek. Here is what he said about all his hard work, “It’s a great opportunity to express creativity.”

He took full advantage of the opportunity that was available.

He also added, “I thought my piece was relatively simple. Compared to others – it was different.”

Alden went into his Graphic Art class not knowing that we would be submitting his work to a professional gallery. A week after his work was shown in gathering, he attended the opening of his artwork in the gallery, near our rival school, Catlin Gabel.

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to publish my work,” Alden said.

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