Behind The Scenes of the Winter One-Acts

by Isabella W.

This Sunday marked the beginning of the dreaded tech week.  Under the wing of dictator director, Natalie B., the cast of Pass The Salt has been (occasionally) hard at work.

Rehearsals started out with Natalie locking us to our chairs and instructing us to do everything she said or else.  Just kidding.  The beginnings of rehearsals were full of deep character work, like doing yoga and speaking in awful accents and taking naps.

Hugo R. has proved himself the resident king of character work, deciding that his character is meant to be a race car driver.  James R. is working on a subtle technique where he intimidates the entire cast with terrifying threats and an immense knowledge of Bob Dylan’s harmonica songs.

For example, just yesterday we looked over to see him holding a piece of saran wrap to Whitney W.’s face, grinning and saying that saran wrap was the perfect murder weapon.

Some of the highlights of the show? You’ll see Lily S. and James R. as my parents—a clear choice as people often mistake us for a family in the halls.  Also, there is an unforgettable tango scene at some point in the play (to see who is dancing you must buy your tickets).

The actors pivot around the stage in a graceful and always perfect dance step, full to the brim with passion (Fun fact: We were taught the way of the tango by Mr. Edge’s cousin).

Our rehearsal has also been a hard time, full of risky behavior.  Poor Stephen C. and I share a stage slap during a scene and whether or not I will actually slap him is always a wildcard!  I think it’s fun and spontaneous but Stephen does not share my opinion for some reason. Stephen gets pushed around a lot in the play, come to think of it.

At the end of every run through, Natalie will give us notes.  She attempts to wrangle us into being quiet and behaving, as a preschool teacher might.  When this does not work, Natalie becomes as aggressive as she can, saying “You guuuuuuys” and rolling her eyes, and then giggling.

With dark circles under our eyes and joy in our hearts we open tonight (Wednesday).  Be sure to buy your tickets and 9” x 23” signs of encouragement for the One-Acts ASAP!

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