OES’ Political Knowledge

by Whitney W.

As a reporter it is my job to cover the facts. Most times the articles are brutally honest and occasionally jarring, but nothing has been as gruesomely grim as what I am about to share.

After much investigation I have uncovered some startling information on the lack of knowledge the OES community has on politics *gasp*.

I asked the student body some easy questions about Oregon’s government and they certainly disappointed.

Some freshmen were unaware of what a senator even was but Elliot N. gave me hope when he expertly described senators as “People that do stuff in the senate”. Well said Elliot, well said.

In addition Trevor J. was kind enough to tell me that “Senators declare war and work government”— yes that is an exact quote.

I was bold enough to ask a few students who the names of our senator’s were and the results were sad but not all that surprising, very few students were able to give me the names (Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden) but at least the faculty did not disappoint and I was re-inspired to continue my reporting.

I may have been too ambitious when I asked why Kitzhaber resigned (After allegations that his wife was peddling money to push environmental issues while working from her government email), and followed up with who Kate Brown (The new governor of Oregon) was.

Once again most of the student body destroyed my faith in humanity while the faculty restored it, although Greg H. was able to tell me that Kate Brown is “The first bisexual governor of the country”.

It’s safe to say very few students are aware of Oregon’s politics but we can’t be too harsh on them, they all knew the name of our president. We can only ask for so much.