Petie W. On Liam W.’s Trip to the Dentist

by Petie W.

This Wednesday my brother Liam W. got his wisdom teeth taken out. He missed the entire day of school. Even though he got the teeth taken out in the morning, he was sore for the next couple days and on some pharmaceutical drugs.

During the school day on Wednesday the effects of the drugs were not especially evident. Throughout the day he had managed to text me a few movie quotes, but movie quoting is something we do on a consistent, daily, and most likely unhealthy schedule.

He did send me a cryptic message including the line:

“This goatee doctor needs to take that stupid blue shirt off.”

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A Valentine’s Note from Whitney W.

Esmay the glamour cat.
Esmay the glamour cat.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the cold, uninviting weather encourages people to cuddle up by a fire with their significant other or…cat, to celebrate the holiday of love. My cat Esmay (yes, she was named after a character in the Twilight series. No, I did not spell the name wrong.) has spent the last six Valentine’s Days with me. Instead of thinking about the significant other or lack of one in your life, remember to think about the significant pet that will love you unconditionally. Whether that pet is a dog, turtle, fish, serpent, owl, or dragon, they will be by your side. It’s important to remember that love!

Inside JV Boys Basketball

by Bradley C.

At the beginning of the school year, rumors quickly became running across the school, about OES’ two most renowned athletes, Bradley Crislip, and Liam Wogan.

After all the controversy and all the press surrounding our short retirement from JV basketball during our junior year – to focus on the grueling English classes that Kara Tambellini threw exclusively on Liam and I – people were soon talking about the possible comeback for the sports’ biggest stars.

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National Signing Day

by Jack S.

For many that may know, yesterday was the inaugural National Signing Day for college football. As the top recruits narrow the choices down to their top 3 or 5 through ESPN 300, Rivals 247 or Twitter, most of them announce their school of choice on National Signing Day.

They each hold their own press conference at their high school or any place they choose and they have five or so hats on the table, each hat with a college logo. They then put the hat on their head with the college they want to go to, and then ESPN and their Twitter feed will blow up.

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Bunny Hugs?

by Elie D.

Midwinter Madness has always featured the Gorilla Gram: a large, furry, gorilla suited member of the Upper School dances to a song chosen by the sender and delivers a crush soda to the lucky subject.

This year we have a new addition to the array of embarrassing ways to receive a soda–Bunny Hugs. A mysterious someone dressed as a white rabbit (as per our theme Alice in Wonderland) dances in and hands out crushes with hugs.

Bunny’s stunning debut happened during our Thursday morning kickoff assembly.

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The Classic Crush

by Isabella W.

Ah, the elusive Crush sodas.  A touching tribute to friendship or the ultimate measure of freshmen popularity in the form of highly concentrated sugar and corn syrup.  

You can see them stacked by the thousands, spilling out of lockers in hues of 100% organic colors of bright orange, red, and a fairly putrid purple.

I recall in freshman year hearing from several senior girls that there is a distinct code for these colors. Orange is what you give to friends, red is what you give to someone you like like, and purple is reserved for your mortal enemies.

This can be a great way to keep track of how your social skills are progressing.  Over the years I have recieved several purple Crushes so it seems I have made some awesome impressions here. I’m not entirely sure if this code is true or not.  When I asked fellow students they responded with, “What do you mean?” and “Go away, Isabella”.

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