2015 NCAA Tournament Running Diary

by Abe Asher

Throughout Thursday and Friday, the second (first) and best round of the NCAA Tournament, I kept a running diary while watching the action. Here it is in its entirety, running in reverse chronological order. To read it in chronological order, click on read more, start at the bottom and scroll up. Enjoy!

(This story first appeared on Oregon Sports News)

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Winterim Preview: Golf

by Bradley C. 

As your TOLF GEAM captain/supreme leader Brad Crislip and his young, aspiring State Golfer, Jethro “waitwut” Swain prepare for the season, we decided that we needed to best people possible if we wanted to succeed.

Luckily, professional librarian Chris Myers, and trainer extraordinaire Joel Gray are coming to save us. Golf Winterim is something that all professional golfers strive to complete, but sadly are not usually capable of completing.

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Winterim Previews: Utah & Butchering

by Whitney W.


For my Winterim I will backpacking in the Grand Gulch located in the middle of nowhere, also known as Utah.

We will spend five glorious days trekking through dusty trails and baking in the sun (expect farmers tans). At night we will stargaze and write haikus and braid each others hair. In addition we will get to explore abandoned ruins and fathom questions like what is the meaning of life.

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Winterim Preview: Sailing

by Isabella W.

Tomorrow I will be arriving to school in my PJ’s and in my bed at the appalling hour of 6 AM to set off in a minivan (AKA the yacht of the road) to sail the Puget Sound. My expectations are high! Although Catherine M. and Bevin D. continue telling me that the boat isn’t really going to be like that dinner scene in Titanic where they all dress up and enjoy fine food.

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Scott Hardister on Leaving OES and His Next Adventure

by Abe Asher

“I like change.”

That’s the first thing Scott Hardister tells me once we’ve come to a mutual understanding that we’d both just rather talk about sports and keep this exit interview of sorts as short as possible. It’s also the reason why Hardister – happy personally and professionally in Portland and at OES – is leaving effective July 1st.

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Humans of OES: Food Edition

by Whitney W. & Isabella W.

Which restaurant in Portland is your favorite?  What do you get there?

Tim L. “Panda Express.  I get mongolian beef, fried rice, orange chicken, and bok choy”

Ava V. “Piazza Italia.  [I get] the Bolognese”

Nat S. “Bamboo Sushi and the rainbow roll”

Mia F.  “Lucca. I get the…I don’t know what it’s called…just pasta”

What’s  your favorite vending machine snack?

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