Humans of OES: Food Edition

by Whitney W. & Isabella W.

Which restaurant in Portland is your favorite?  What do you get there?

Tim L. “Panda Express.  I get mongolian beef, fried rice, orange chicken, and bok choy”

Ava V. “Piazza Italia.  [I get] the Bolognese”

Nat S. “Bamboo Sushi and the rainbow roll”

Mia F.  “Lucca. I get the…I don’t know what it’s called…just pasta”

What’s  your favorite vending machine snack?

James R. “Poptarts”

Tim L. “Protein bar”

Trevor J. “Doritos”

Mia F.”Skittles”

What is the most disgusting food you’ve ever tasted?

James R. “Brussel sprouts”

Catherine L. “Nothing interesting but I threw up after eating this gross sushi roll”

Kyla K. “I ate this heart artery in my meat and I chewed on it, and it was gross”

Tim L. “A spider”

Calvin C. “Jellyfish”

Emily V. “Cow tongue”

Who’s best at cooking in your family?

James R. “My dad“

Calvin C. “My mom”

Tim L. “I am”

Mia F. and Kyla K. “My mom”

Favorite cafeteria lunch?

James R. “Pizza”

Tim L. “Teriyaki chicken with white rice”

Worst cafeteria lunch?

James R. “Black cod”

Tim L. “Curry”

Catherine L. “Bento chicken

If you were a food, which food would you be?

James R. “Pizza”

Ava V. “A pink sprinkled donut”

Tim L. “Chicken”

Calvin C. “Is my objective to get eaten or not get eaten…..Maybe apotsticker would be nice”

Trevor J.  “Flaming Hot Cheetos”

Jack L. “Filet mignon”

Nat S.  “Chili peppers because they’re hot…Just kidding…I’d be  a corgie if i was a dog. No, I’d be chicken because I’m full of protein

Kayla K. “Something expensive…truffles”

Mia F. “Shrimp”

Liam W. “I might be hummus. I also might be Danimals.”

Are you sweet or salty?

James R. “Sweet”

Tim L. “Salty”

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