Read POES!

by Abe Asher

The following are excerpts from POES’ two newest interview, with National Tennis Coach of the Year, but more importantly, my PE teacher, Coleen Davis, and with OES’ outgoing long-time Athletic Director Kris Van Hatcher.

“I’m one of the founders of lacrosse here. One of the other things was being president of the soccer organization when it went from being a club sport to being an OSAA sport. It’s the last sport that the OSAA recognized and changed over from being a club. So, those opportunities to help develop have been really good.” – Hatch (with Nathan C.)

“I guess maybe what I do, is I instill confidence.  Because I believe in the players so much during the season and see the potential, I think they start believing in themselves and see the possibilities for what they can do.  And I guess I would say that my ability to provide the best opportunity for players to make it to state is strong.” – Coleen (with Natalie B.)
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