Winterim Previews: Utah & Butchering

by Whitney W.


For my Winterim I will backpacking in the Grand Gulch located in the middle of nowhere, also known as Utah.

We will spend five glorious days trekking through dusty trails and baking in the sun (expect farmers tans). At night we will stargaze and write haikus and braid each others hair. In addition we will get to explore abandoned ruins and fathom questions like what is the meaning of life.

We hike five or six hours a day enjoying the canyon like features and breathing in the fresh air. I was fully hoping to see some mountain lions that I would then befriend, however Doug let me down easy and told me that we wouldn’t see any such animals.

After the five days of backpacking we will then unfortunately be able to shower, but we won’t be able to wash off all of the beautiful memories we made.

by Jack S.


For my first Winterim, I am doing the The Whole Hog. After seeing the article in the New York Times two years ago, I knew that I was going to do The Whole Hog. We are going to learn how to use every part of a killed pig to make sure nothing gets wasted.

On the right is a picture of the first butchering class OES held during Winterim.

This year, the class is dominated by underclassmen, actually in fact everybody is an underclassmen. It is going to be led by Kara Tambellini and Maria McIvor. Our group will be working at the kitchen of Nedd Ludd, a restaurant in North Portland.

You can read the NY Times article here:

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