Editorial Response

by Abe Asher & Patrick M.

Starting early on the morning of Culture Shock, and continuing through the entirety of last week, the Aardvark Dig came under scrutiny and pressure from several corners considering two stories published two weeks ago.

The first was an article about the change in the OES campus nut policy by Graham O., and the second, as you know, a satirical and humorous article about French culture by Johnny S.

We screwed up. On the first article, we tried to straddle a line between humor and information. We ended up confusing and upsetting people. Having no idea how extensive the work on the change in the school’s nut policy was, we ran a piece without the due diligence that the situation required.

On the second piece, we stepped into dangerous territory by scrutinizing another culture, just a day before Culture Shock. Some of the language in that piece was incendiary. We apologize to anyone who was offended.

Of course, the vast majority of you were not offended by either piece. You saw them for what they were. It was just a few people who became upset. But there was enough outrage, with enough fury — from people in our community who matter to us — that this situation needed an editorial response.

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The Beginning Of College Counseling

by Abe Asher

Some of you may know that I am now a junior in high school, though clearly not all of you since I’ve been asked three times in the last two days if I’m a senior.

I know, I’m getting old and not aging well. But please be careful about what you say because it hurts.

In any case, I am strongly considering going to college in the next couple of years. Most people assume that I will be attending, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. For one thing, I am not a huge fan of owing schools a lot of money. Another thing is that I often fear change and new situations, and that should be respected.

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On The Road: With Liam Wogan

by Liam W.

The scooter is the type of vehicle that I find myself going out on when it starts to get a little sunny out.  I’m not talking about those motorized scooters either.

Gang, I’m talking about a good old-fashioned scooter that you pedal using brute force and skin-tight shorts. This is my vehicle of the month column, which I’m starting two months before I graduate from OES. And thank goodness I am starting it this late because there are only two vehicles I really care for. The first one is scooters, so my inaugural vehicle of the month is the traditional scooter.

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by Johnny S.

Shoes are something we all wear everyday and therefore end up becoming large parts of our identity. Whether they are practical or stylish, big or small, light or dark, everyone has a favorite. To find out what the majority opinion is on shoes in the OES community, I interviewed several people.

Isabella W. decided that “Birkenstock’s but not the ugly ones” were the best shoe of all time while Colson and Porter, both third graders at OES, both agreed that the “most durable soccer shoe” was the footwear of choice.

Liam W. proved to be very indecisive and listed “Skechers shape ups, Air Force Ones, any shoe with some velcro” as his favorite shoe. Julie S. and Emi F. both chose practical shoes, Julie preferring “warm heavy duty waterproof boots for the farm life” while Emi enjoys wearing Tevas.

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