Top Gear Cancelled

by Simon M.

It has truly been a disappointing month in television history. Top Gear, the most watched show on the planet, has a total of 350 million viewers each year and has been a consistently great show. It has been around for almost three decades, and Top Gear is viewed in 214 territories making it the most globally viewed show of all time.

They have 12 specials that have allowed them to travel around the world including, Botswana, North Pole, Vietnam, Bolivia, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Peru, Chile, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Canada. They have accomplished something no other television show has done: They even have a Guinness world record for being the most watched factual show.

Although Top Gear has been one of the best television show for over a decade, the producers still acted like complete dinguses and have cost the network their three best performers Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Although Jeremy Clarkson has had some controversy in the past, he has came week in and week out and has provided quality television for millions of viewers.

Clarkson has an outstanding fan base. After being suspended from BBC, his fans put together a petition to bring him back and received over one million petition votes from viewers wishing to see him back.

When BBC announced that they were dropping Jeremy Clarksons contract James and RIchard left with Jeremy. This left the BBC with no people to host the show.

Now we can hope for two things. One is for another network or possibly even Netflix could pick them up and make their own show a long as it is not called Top Gear. The other thing we can hope for is that The Stig follows the trio and become a part of a new era in automotive television.

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