Aardvark Dig Haircuts

These days all kids are talking about is boomboxes and the details and strategies of their haircuts. Therefore I decided to get some insight from some of the most hip and up to date on fashion dig writers. Brad C. is well known for his beard, which lead to the world-famous-even-though-only-I-call-him-it nickname “Grizzly”. Recently though he controversially shaved the beard, and got a new haircut.

Pictured after the jump is Bradley’s new haircut and clean shaven face. Now according to anonymous people “Brad is no Drake (from Drake and Josh),” but this new look has apparently helped his social status out a lot. My sources even tell me he has been mentioned in the discussion of Prom King.


A rookie Dig writer named Annika L. also claims she recently got a haircut. Annika is new to the Dig, but she got some attention in one of my articles where she got a shoutout from Zack M. even though Annika had nothing to do with what his quote was supposed to be about.

Sidenote: If you’re looking to find this article or any of my old articles, just checkout the #Petie W. tag on the #homepage. There you can find tons of interviews, anecdotes, and life lessons just from the perspective of an average joe.

Anyways, Annika claims she got a haircut.


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