Dear Faculty, This is the Pulse of the People

by Elie D.

Right around this time of year, everyone experiences an emotional swing. Some do their homework obsessively (thought there are very few of those people). For others, this is when the stress comes out. For most, however, this is when people stop feeling the whole school thing. It’s second semester, and if you’re a senior this means school really doesn’t matter as much anymore. For everyone who isn’t a senior, it also means school is less important, though I’m not sure how that viewpoint in justified.

Students lose their will to focus in class, to take notes, and to complete their homework. We have just come off a break and the school weeks are shorter than normal and the weather (though displaying different personalities) seems to continually be sunny. Everyone can feel the end of the year approaching: it’s the home stretch towards summer break. There seems to be a lot more homework than usual, keeping the students up late into the night after having procrastinated all afternoon, leaving everyone twice as tired.

“The projects are numerous, I still don’t understand why they all have to happen at once” -Neil D. ‘17

“I’m feeling like I’m running a race, and this is the second corner and I’m so tired because I went all out at the beginning” – Alex B. ‘16


“Not only are we getting used to our classes but the seniors have this effect on the rest of the grades, where when they get really relaxed everyone else feels like life isn’t as bad. Now we have gotten past all the major stuff (college apps, juniors finished their LJPs and everything else that makes them want to jump off a cliff) and everything is fine” -Sophia A. ‘15

“People told me second semester junior year was bad. I underestimated that” – Cullen T. ‘16

“I feel like I don’t really have to do homework anymore and like my grades don’t really matter” -Carl F. ‘15

“There’s a lot to do, and nobody wants to do it…” -Kailin C. ‘16

“I think everyone is beginning to relax more into their classes and school work is getting more comfortable. I think 4th quarter will include some harder projects again” -Ben C. ‘18

Everyone has a different opinion about this time of year, but the general consensus seems to be that many people don’t want to “do” school. There is a relaxed vibe, with everyone not caring a ton about what happens. Most likely, this will fall away some as the end of the year draws nearer and the work before finals is really piled on. Or maybe it won’t and we’ll have a bunch of kids who are super stressed about everything that’s due but are unable to make themselves work.

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