It’s AP Season

by Elie D.

The month of April has never really held any significance for me, besides that it tends to warm up and mean that summer is reasonable close. But this year I decided to take AP Spanish and now the month of April is suddenly three times as stressful because it means the AP test is a month away and I realize how much I don’t feel prepared.

Logically, I can tell myself that I have been preparing all year and do pretty well in class so the test can’t be that much worse, but when I really think about it I realize how much I don’t know and how possible it is for me to just freeze up on the day of the test and not be able to remember anything.

However, I have it easy. There are kids signed up for two or three or four AP classes and now have half their schedule stressing them out and have to spend a week going from uber long test to uber long test with each one possibly affecting whether or not they get into college.

Starting the week of the 27th (which, by the way, is only one full week away) are the major prep days for the AP. I have three, period long practice tests that count as my final for that class as well as are designed to help me take the AP.

However, that week is also tech week, meaning everyone in the play is busy from after school until at least 10pm, when they finally get time to do their homework and study for those massive tests (this is why I quit this play).

The Saturday at the end of that week is (for me) the Spanish subject test for college, and then midway through the next week is the actual AP test. It will be a hell of a week and a half, and I only have one AP class.

“I wouldn’t take any AP if I were me, which I am” -Abe A. ‘16

“I’m not too worried because the classes themselves are much harder than the AP tests. The only thing I’m unhappy about is the length of the tests themselves; four hours is just so long.” -Anonymous ‘16

“I’m stressed.” – Grace McGee ‘16

“Stressed, distressed, and under pressure” – Anonymous ‘16

“I’ll start hibernating about now” -Steven Cockey ‘16

“I got stress on my shoulder” – Drake (the singer) requoted by anonymous ’16

“To the tune of Let’s Talk About Sex] Let’s talk about stress baby. Let’s talk about the AP. Let’s talk about all the good grades and the test scores that could be. Let’s talk about Stress” – Sierra Welly ‘16 and Mikealah McKinney-Griggs ‘16

“Instead of doing my AP Spanish Final, I’ll be chasing a state championship with the #OESVarsityConcertChoir” -David S. ‘16, but when asked to share about how he feels about taking the test at a later date, he responded, “no. I’m not allowed to use expletives.”

“It’s like doing science research in the spring. I think Maria’s going a little bit nuts. Honestly, we’re all going a little bit nuts. I just finished my 137 missing homework assignments, so we’ll see if that helps any” -Regina L. ‘16

Overall, everyone is in panic mode already, or otherwise is quite close. If you see someone taking an AP, offer then some words of encouragement, probably some food, and maybe a box of tissues.

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