Patty Jean Semura Winner

by Simon M.

The Patty Jeanne Semura award is a prestigious award that is presented to a sophomore each year who presents exemplary behavior within the OES community. The Patty Jeanne Semura Award was established in 2003 by Jack and Pat Semura to honor their daughter Patty Jeanne, Class of 1999, who died in 2001.

The award, determined by vote of the faculty, recognizes a sophomore at Oregon Episcopal School who possesses the vision, creativity and potential to make a difference in the world, and who is an active builder of community. The Patty Jeanne Semura Award is given once a year to a 10th grader at OES. Award winners will be selected primarily on the basis of merit and their potential to make a difference in the world.

Knowing Daniel for over a decade I can certainly say without a doubt in my mind that he is the right recipient for this award. He has been an active member in StuCo and has provided useful information and effort week in and week out for almost two years.

I was able to obtain the privilege of interviewing Daniel after winning this prestigious award.

Me: How do you feel about winning the award?

Daniel: At first it was a shock cause i talked to my mom and she didn’t mention. although he parents already knew. it was a very big surprise. katrina said some nice words and it was a true honor. it was nice to be recognized by the  stature of the award.

Me: When you saw Katrina what did you think?

Daniel: After a bit of a thought I didn’t really know if would be me to be honest.

Me: How did you feel when you were up there?

Daniel: Felt underdressed from the day before went from dress shirt to sweater. Though why me? why me over other companions in my grade. How could they they think of me over someone who has been here long since I’ve only been here 2 years

Me: How did the praise feel? Was is too excessive?

Daniel: *Daniel grins which is something that is rarely seen* It felt very nice. A lot of handshakes from teachers. Wasn’t too excessive. The plaque was a nice touch nice to be among such honorable names. I’m glad I got to represent the dorms and OES in such a positive way.

You can see the enthusiasm in Daniel’s face after winning the award.


It might be a bit of an assumption but I think he is happy.

Now I move on to go interview Katrina Perry, Daniel’s advisor.

Me: How long was it in your mind when you started to consider Daniel as a possible candidate?

Katrina: Probably in after the first quarter comments this year. All his teachers had wonderful things to say about him.

Me: What was the process of creating your speech?

Katrina: Faculty talks and shares experiences everyone in the faculty is free to speak and somebody took notes and I took their ideas and added a bit of my own.

Me: Has there been any change in Daniel from the first day you met him last year?

Katrina: Still the same daniel but has become a lot more relaxed. A funny one. Daniel often wears a button dress shirt but on the day he won the award he wore a loose sweater.

Me: Any last words?

Katrina: I will say that there was a tough group of people to pick from and I’m glad that Daniel was selected.

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