The Time William J. Almost Died

by Lewis B.


William J. and I went to Sunriver, to go skiing at Mt. Bachelor over this past spring break. We had heard that it would be warm and sunny in sunriver, and were expecting sunny, slushy spring skiing at Bachelor. But what we got was the first new snow of our season. Close to 15 inches of snow were dumped on us, making for sweet conditions throughout our whole trip. But there were other, more dire consequences of the unexpected cold.

(Will enjoys skiing, biking, and eating apples.)

One afternoon, after skiing hard all day, we decided to ride our bicycles to the village at sunriver, hoping to buy some popcorn, and then eat it. As we were leaving our house, I noticed Will was wearing shorts. I had made the sensible choice of wearing jeans. Of course, I told him “Will, that’s stupid. Its like 36 degrees out. Put on pants.”

“Dude, I don’t like to ride bikes with pants on. They get caught when I start tryna pull.”

“You’re not that good of a biker dude.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Whatever dude; you’re gonna die.”

I was almost right. We left anyway, because Will does what he wants and doesn’t listen to anyone. When we got to the village, we enjoyed some popcorn, and then headed back, because Will’s legs were cold.

While we were biking back, the unexpected occurred. It started to snow. Just a bit at first, but eventually we were riding our bikes through a full on snow storm. Will’s inferior planning abilities soon started to cause problems. He complained the whole ride home, and at first I thought he was just being annoying.

But then I looked at his legs. They were real, actual purple, except his knees, which  were bright red.

I quickly decided he had hypothermia, and since I wanted to go skiing the next day, which I couldn’t do if he died, I told him to hurry up. We rushed back to the cabin. Will survived.

Remember: always wear pants.

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