Interview With A French Exchange Student

by Annika L.

For my article this week I was going to do the first round of Ask Annika. However, I am so overwhelmed with questions that I have not had the time to sort through them all and provide answers. Luckily for you, respecting the obvious signal that my articles are in high demand, I have decided to write one anyways! My French friend Alex recently shadowed me for a day because his host was sick.

While in activity it was mentioned that Ask Annika has drawn hundred of responses and I hadn’t responded, I was forced to interview Alex. Alex, however, was very enthusiastic and up for the challenge — even though some of the time he did not know what I was trying to say. This seems to be very common though, even with English speaking people.

Q: What is your favorite thing about portland?

A: “Nature”

Q: What is your favorite food in portland?

A: ”Thai food”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

A: ”Visiting downtown.”

Q: “What is your favorite memory you have made in portland?”

A: ”Hanging out with friends”

Q: “Do you know what Birkenstocks are?”

A: ”Yeah. Thats shoes? Why did you ask me this question?”

Q: “What do you think is strange about Portland?”


  1. “It is not necessarily strange, but there is lots of traffic at the same place and at the same time.”
  2. “In your school you can get up when you want to go to the bathroom and leave the classroom.”
  3. “You have lots of freedom, more than friends.”
  4. “Teacher relationship.” (Calling by first names)
  5. “All of the students have a laptop.”

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