by Johnny S.

Shoes are something we all wear everyday and therefore end up becoming large parts of our identity. Whether they are practical or stylish, big or small, light or dark, everyone has a favorite. To find out what the majority opinion is on shoes in the OES community, I interviewed several people.

Isabella W. decided that “Birkenstock’s but not the ugly ones” were the best shoe of all time while Colson and Porter, both third graders at OES, both agreed that the “most durable soccer shoe” was the footwear of choice.

Liam W. proved to be very indecisive and listed “Skechers shape ups, Air Force Ones, any shoe with some velcro” as his favorite shoe. Julie S. and Emi F. both chose practical shoes, Julie preferring “warm heavy duty waterproof boots for the farm life” while Emi enjoys wearing Tevas.

Emi F.’s shoe of choice!

Jack L. and Olivia P. modeling their favorite shoes.

However, the most popular shoe by far was white converses. Zack H., Caroline B., Harrison N., Emily V., Claire P., and Annika L.,  all agreed that, when it comes to mixing style and utility, the best option is always white converse.

OES’s shoe of choice.

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