The Shrimp Problem

by Lewis B.

We have an alien problem. They are everywhere, in our grocery stores, in the ocean, wrapped in bacon.


You might think that shrimp are innocent, and that they look like this all the time:


When you see a shrimp that looks like this, it has already been killed by some brave soul, willing to take on aliens in their natural habitat, the ocean. This shrimp is ready to be eaten, although according to Isabele R, they look weird all the time. But before they have been killed, they are horrifying aliens like THIS:


This is obviously from some other planet where you need like 20 legs and a bulgy grey eyeball.

Some people think that we are overfishing the ocean or something, but obviously we need to get rid of all of these alien ocean invaders. Some people don’t like shrimp and so they don’t eat them. But in my opinion, eating shrimp is everyone’s responsibility. Graham O., who doesn’t like shrimp has it figured out. “I don’t eat them, I just squish them up on my plate because they’re fun to squish and they look funny” he tells me. Thats the spirit.

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