The Aardvark Table Tennis Tournament

by Peter B.

Recently, on the evening of May 5th, we had an exciting event taking place at OES in our own great hall. Of course, you all know what that event taking place was. In this article, we will be reviewing the highlights of the Aardvark Table Tennis Tournament!

The Aardvark Table Tennis Tournament was a doubles tournament (to those who do not know, doubles is played with two person teams) with teams consisting of one current OES student, and a visiting adult. Our visitors came from many countries including Mexico, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Korea, Kazakhstan and more!

These adults were potential future OES parents here to explore the possibility of sending their children to OES. “It was kind of strange that there were visitors, but it made sense because I would feel more comfortable sending my children if I had visited the school,” said Oren P. ‘18. We OESians are blessed by our ever-growing international community on our very own campus.

The tournament began by splitting the teams into three groups. The groups battled out two rounds per team, and the three final student winners were Tammy T. ‘18, Oren P. ‘18, and Kylie W. ‘18. Oren P. said, “It should be an activity.”

Tammy T., another winner, played with an education representative from Mexico. Tammy commented, “the key to victory was good communication.” With any team, communication is key, and Tammy T. would know better than most with her three years of experience playing table tennis. Tammy thought the tournament was “fun” and also said “we should have it in the dorms!”

Congratulations to all of our winners for their play, and a special thanks to everyone who showed up. This event was a sneak peak about our future fun at OES, and we thank our dorm community for being so welcoming to our visitors!

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