Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Regina L.

by Regina L.


My name’s Regina L., and this past year I have been incredibly honored to represent the clubs and activities that fall under the Identity category on Student Council. I’m rerunning to secure my position on Policy Board for the 2015-2016 school year as I believe that our work has been incredibly rewarding, and I want to be a part of what’s to come. This school year I’ve grown tremendously in respect to collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. The work I’ve done this year, particularly in regards to reforming voting policies, but also in collaborating with other Student Council projects, has taught me how to effectively communicate and consider the needs of the entire Student Body. In everything I’ve done as a mission rep on StuCo this past school year, I’ve made it one of my highest priorities to maintain communication and participation with the groups that fall under the Identity category,  in an effort to ensure that the priorities and values that these groups stand for are accurately and adequately represented. Identity groups: with the privilege of your vote, I’m looking forward to an even more meaningful year as your Identity group representative.

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