Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Sierra W.

by Sierra W.


My name is Sierra W. and I am a junior. I hope to be part of StuCo this coming year as the Service Mission Representative.

I am interesting in serving on Policy Board and facilitating a positive dialogue around service. Service has been very important to me throughout my life and I have been involved in a number of different service experiences both in and outside of OES. In addition to being both a member and one of next year’s senior leaders of SLAC, I have participated in AASK and tutored a lower schooler. I have also organized an OES team to fundraise for a local non-profit. In the last three years the team has raised around $10,000 to help homeless seniors. Additionally I attended the National Service Learning Conference this year. I hope to implement some of the ideas that I learned at the conference and being a part of Policy Board is the perfect way to integrate these ideas into OES. I also have important leadership skills that I have developed through service that could be useful to Policy Board. I am the teen coordinator for a non-profit based out of Seattle and I am launching a teen awareness campaign. Beyond my experience, I believe that I could bring positive energy, excitement, and a fresh perspective to StuCo.

Thank you for considering me for your Service Mission Representative! I hope that I can bring my experience in service and leadership to the Policy Board next year.

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