Presidential Candidate Statement: Arnav B.

by Arnav B.

My name is Arnav B., and I would be honored if you elected me as student body president. After spending five years at OES, I have come to love this school, but there are some glaring issues which we have all seen go too far-nav with no resolutions in sight. I would spend my time as student body president fixing those, along with the other more traditional responsibilities such as promoting student spirit, facilitating discussions on problems between the administration and the student body, and being an active member of the community.

But I am not all talk and no experience. I have worked hard this year in leadership positions in both JSA and MUN. As a part of JSA, I played a key part in organizing OES’s first chapter conference and ran for OR Vice Mayor in JSA. In MUN, I was voted by my committee to be the best defendant of my country’s policies as China. I believe that I have the leadership experience required to represent our student body.

But enough about me, let us talk about what I would like to do. I would like to institute wide and meaningful reforms to community time. This time has stayed unchanged for years, and I would like to change this time so that it reflects what the students want, while upholding OES values.

As I approach my 250 word limit, I implore you to vote for me, because honestly, who wouldn’t want a star-nav as president?

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