Presidential Candidate Statement: Cyrus J.

by Cyrus J.

The role of the student body president and, by extension, Policy Board is to serve the student populace. During my time at OES, I cannot point to a single ruling by Policy Board that has significantly affected students. The only effect I am aware of that Policy Board has had this year is spending time during gathering announcing slight modifications to their constitution—and past years haven’t been any better. To clarify, I’m not criticizing any members of the board nor the current president—the real issue is that inaction is accepted as their role when the board and the president can be so much more. I understand that the president and the board don’t have infinite power, but that is no excuse. It is clear that the president can’t actually rule on things, however, I believe the president is influential. The faculty at OES listen to the president and Policy Board, and, while they won’t accept whatever Policy Board proposes, they will listen to logical arguments supporting ideas that students want, and I’ll make those arguments. The president needs to refocus the board and put what students care about first. So I won’t make empty promises about changes I might be able to create, but I will promise to fight to make Policy Board and the role of president matter. If under my presidency Policy Board and I make an announcement during gathering, rest assured that it will actually matter and affect your time at OES for the better.

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